Making Time

There is one thing in my life that I value above anything else. My time.

No job is so important that I cannot take time away from it – to give to myself or someone else should I need to. We must face facts, we don’t always have enough ‘time’ banked for when we require it and one day, we are all going to run out of it. This is not meant to be morbid, but a small nudging reminder that although we can’t see it – it is there – and it is ticking away. We must be smart!

When it comes to our jobs, our places of employment – we ‘collect’ time. I always found this fascinating. What if I collected 2 weeks worth of vacation days and then died before I could use them? I asked about this at my place of employment once and the reply I received was, “Monetary compensation for the days accumulated is paid out.” They actually put a price tag on my vacation. Stellar.

We all have only so much time. We waste our time the same way we waste food and water. We just can’t see time. I always thought it would be interesting to pile up hours as, say, bean bags. How many wasted hours would we have in a year? A decade?

I decided to conduct a little experiment (I love them!) with time. I took one day and wrote down everything I did – like a logbook. I treated it as though I were an employer….and I was the employee. Get it? I wanted to know how much time I wasted per average day.

I then decided to make it a little more interesting. I took a typical day of mine from four years ago and compared it to my current wasted time. There was a huge difference! The old me wasted on average 4 – 6 hours per day. Most of that would have been television and eating!

These days, I barely waste a minute! I’m always energized and on the go – I try to accomplish one major thing per day or more! It depends on the day and of course, plans can change. I roll with the changes and accommodate new  plans with little effort.

Time with my daughter is essential – like water. I adore the adventures she creates for us and the songs she makes up and giggles to when I mess with the words on purpose. We have fun together. We spend time together.

Spending time shouldn’t be wasting away in a job you can’t stand. Why be miserable when you have so many choices in life? I refuse to spend my valuable time being any negative emotion. It makes no sense to me! Sure, we all get worked up at times – but I always remember that time is precious. I don’t want to spend my time foolishly.

“I always thought they had more time.” This was the phrase that scared the bejeebers out of me! I heard it spoken over and over at funeral services I attended as a child. It made me shiver every time someone said it.

Time is ticking, and that’s a good thing! Isn’t it funny how time works? If you have to work a Saturday before a big concert – time goes so slow. When you finally get to the concert, you can’t believe how fast it went by! When we watch a movie we love, it seems like such a short flick…..but pop in that girly movie and watch time screech to a halt and ooze by for the next 3 hours and sixteen minutes (Titanic, anyone?).

We can’t put it in the bank like money and we can’t get it back once we spend it. We don’t have time to hang on to the bad. We must embrace the positive aspects in our lives and always improve who we are and how we feel. It is the way to wellness!

Spend a little, give a little and save a little. My grandfather’s sage words when it came to money. I changed it to better suit me these days, now I think of it in terms of time. I save the biggest portion for myself and my family – I give a little of my time away to others and I spend a lot of time with those that I care about most. It works for all of us!

We are not meant to fear things like time – to panic that it is running out. Like the wind, it isn’t here forever. It will ebb and flow and ours will fade one day. Enjoy it now – cherish it – encase yourself in the delights of life while you can! Let go of the bowsail and off you go!

There are no do-overs. It’s now or never. Are you getting the picture? Just do it. Move it or lose it……

Love, Me


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