About Me

I will celebrate my39th birthday this year.
At 36 years old, there came a point where I could not get out of bed. I ached everywhere and thoughts hurt enough to shut my brain down in one repeated migraine after another. My skin opened up in disgusting, huge wounds – and I had no energy. At 266 pounds, I could not function.
It all started years ago with a skin issue. Open sores and wounds – let’s leave it at that. You can read all about it in the archived blog mentioned in the first post here. I won’t go into it again but let me assure you it has been an experience I won’t soon forget!
Doctors failed to recognize an issue, claiming many labels from Crohn’s, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Delusional Parasitosis and on and on and boringly on….
After many doctors and specialists (one referal to a hair transplant doctor – if you know me….good call!) we gave up on the medical community. This decision was official when one doctor prescribed a years worth of antibiotics and then said, “Your skin problem will be taken care of with this in 10 days!” That was it – I quit.
Months of research later, I am a new person! Join me on this truly incredible journey – I’m far from finished!!

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