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The Hiatus

It seems like forever since I last blogged here! I’ve missed you!

I’m here to announce a very short hiatus. There are some phenominal things in the works behind the scenes of my blog! Things are getting painted, primped, propped up and prettied for the next big announcement! This is something I have been plotting and planning for the past year or so! Fruition!

This hiatus won’t last long – I’ll be back before you know it – with a huge surprise!

Don’t go far!

Love, Me

Portrait of a Dad












Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Me

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

That’s right – I’m sayin’ it first. Early….I’m givin’ you the whole weekend! Happy Mother’s Day! Give mom the greatest gift she could ever want today – a huge hug and the knowledge that what she does for you means something.¬†These things¬†may not mean much if you’re a teenager right now – but trust me when I say it will mean a lot later in your life.

For those who have lost a mom – wrap yourself in love today and cherish the memories. That’s why we have them, I think. It is a means of self support and comfort. Our bodies really do help us take care of everything, even our hearts.

The word ‘mom’ is an interesting word to me. Very interesting. I see things in the world differently than most people, I suppose – either that or I’m just the one who always opens her mouth and just says it. I warned you – I have no filter when it comes to stuff like this. Here we go….

OK – I’m a mother. I gave birth to a child. OK, not totally true because I had a C-section and if you’ve read Macbeth you know the logistics behind that scenario. So technically, I have never given birth. I was saved the work and remain humbly grateful for that small miracle in my realm of pain memories.

So this small fact got me thinking – there are many, many examples of mothers out there! Everyone from the teenage girl who babysits for you on the weekends to the grandmother who spoils them rotten after school for an hour. The lady at the checkout line who hands your child a balloon just because…..these are all examples of mothers to me. It doesn’t really matter if you had the experience of birthing a baby or not – if you have love in your heart for a smaller human being (keep up – we’re talking children) then you are a mother.

I used to work at a place where the motto was, “It takes a village to raise a child.” So true – I don’t know where I would be without the people in my life who helped me along the way. I would have been a paranoid, lost and confused wreck if not for the direction of others.

It is how we learn – human interaction – it is virtually the only way we learn things like this. Books help (thank you “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”) but in reality, without the support and encouragement of other human beings, we’re lost. It is the same for the very children we talk about. Without human contact – a baby will die. That’s powerful stuff.

So remember just how important moms of all kinds are today! Every woman who smiles at your child shares a simple positive energy – that’s an amazing thing when you think about it. A smile can do wonders!

Ahhhh, smiling. It makes me think of laughing! Speaking of laughing, I found this incredibly hilarious video on my wander this morning and had to share it with you! You can share it with your loved ones too – I’m sure after the first line of the song you will already be giggling.

The truth hurts kids…..and so does stepping on your toys! Clean that stuff up!

Happy Mother’s Day!